If I had to use one word to express my teaching philosophy it would be RELEVANCE.
A good teacher may have all the necessary knowledge about a proposed subject and have the skills and means to deliver the content but, it may all fall in deaf ears. One may ask: how so?
I remember my early years at school when teachers would bring all kinds of math problems to be solved. Countless exercises of calculation. Physics, with its laws and rules, and more exercises. I shouldn´t even get started with chemistry. They all seem boring and meaningless to me, for my life and my future. I would always ask the same question, over and over: When am I ever going to use this in real life? Poor teachers!
Well, as time went by I ended up becoming one of them. I understand now that sometimes we are put in a tight spot with no apparent way out. I can only imagine how my teachers felt. As I reflected on this thought, I decided to become a teacher who would less likely be in the situation of being asked the same questions and it was not by chance. I had a great mentor who, once mentioned the word relevance, and she said that in such a natural way that made all the sense. How can a student be interested in something that apparently does not affect them in any way?
Relevance is the first word that comes to my mind when sit down to prepare my classes. Before I teach anything, I teach why it is important and how to use it in real life. One can teach vocabulary of food, and it may be as boring as a plate of plain rice; but, if you explain that, at a moment´s notice you may be found in a social gathering where food is the preferred subject for a casual conversation during a break from a formal meeting; it just makes sense!
I believe that if the teacher is willing to go the extra mile and try to make the object of study as relevant as natural, she or he will attain greatness. Students will look forward to having the next class as it has become a need rather than an obligation.
It´s not always easy to make “a recipe for apple pie” relevant, but. It´s not just about the subject. It´s all about the attitude.


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Se paixão é sofrimento,
Paixão tem quem de você se afasta,
Quem de você se despede,
E quem de você sente saudade.

Se saudade é dor,
Sofre quem de você a sente,
Quem por você espera,
E quem para você deseja voltar.

Se paixão é amor,
Por você volta quem se foi,
Quem sem você definha,
E quem sem você não viveria.

Sendo paixão amor ou sofrimento,
Vale a pena ter você,
Quem que para tê-la ainda se arrisque,
E quem que por amor prefira sofrer.
H. Aragão

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Deixa que te beijem

Deixa que te beijem...
Que te sintam: o sabor rubro de tua carne...
Que teus lábios acolham a boca de quem padece...
Que o conforto de tuas formas confortem a alma dos que buscam um abraço...
Que se conformem e transformem a alma que te toca até que o aparente imperfeito se dissipe e uniformemente, seja aperfeiçoado nesse momento!!!
 H. Aragão

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Ghosts III !!!


Phew!!! This one came real close and it was the worst of all of them I could feel those scary eyes 👀 looking right at me and I froze up for a second…

Thank God it’s gone!!!



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I believe in being happy as part of a group, not only being happy by oneself. What’s the point of being happy while making everyone else miserable??. Or is it? Let’s back away from this picture so all the details can make some sense.

We do, sometimes, like to dwell in the details that keeps us from appreciating the big picture which was the sole intention of the painter. Why do we have to let small flaws or mistrokes prevent us from enjoying the beauty in the whole. What is it that we all have, sometimes, that takes away our enjoyment and freedom to overlook the glitches and mistakes others have instead of embracing them as part of something much better???? (That was a long question!!)

Being able to accept people as they are, In my humblest opinion, is not pointing out the smallest of the flaws and dismiss it as a simple detail rather, it is accepting people’s idiosyncrasies as part of the big picture and being happy with them. Period.

Why do some people have to live miserable just by looking at the painting too closely.

We are like paintings. Each of us are unique and, besides our flaws, we are all works of art from a supreme artist who loves each one of his paintings as his own children.

Can’t we all just get along??


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Ghosts II

These ghosts are everywhere…, hope they don’t get too close. I might as well stick around the living.

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I thought I could sleep but the ghosts keep coming back.

For a moment some ghosts, specially one in particular, made me feel more alive than ever. One would assume that ghosts reminds us of death but this one awoke me from a really long sleep.

I could tell by the flowing energy that the sight of this ghost caught me by surprise and that jolt ignited a spark inside of me like an old and rusty rollercoaster being put into work after years of abandonment.

After a couple of laps around its course parts may have started to move like never before and other parts subsequently started to fall off rendering the device unfit for such a series of emotional twists and turns.

embarking in such adventure could bring not only damages to myself but many, many others as well.

I come to the conclusion that ghosts and rusty old roller coasters must remain asleep, untouched for the greater good!!!


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